Sunday, October 19, 2014

Welcome to My Blog!

This is my first blog post on this page, so bare with me with the introductions.
I am on my third year of flipping my physics class. I flip my algebra based physics class along with my conceptual physics class.
This year I have created a google site:
This site is my site for my video assessments, which have the video embedded in the assessment along with other documents.
One thing you will see with my video assessments is the assessments are on the same form as the video.  I like this as a quick check of where my students are.  This is my formative assessment type piece because I really only look at completion.  I grade the multiple choice questions in google forms using flubaroo, which the students like.  I have also given the students the answers to the form questions after they submit the form, that way they know the answers.  The students really like having the answers quickly available to them (I also email them as part of the flubaroo add-on.
I have also started giving the students cornell note packets to use if they want to take notes on the material.  
The students have responded well to this so far,and I am constantly tweaking the process.  
Please take a look at my site, and if you have suggestions or questions please let me know. I am refining and revising my flipped model.
I thank you for spending a couple of minutes reading my post.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments
You can follow me at @Ldg32 on twitter, or see a professional development flipped classroom implementation website at:
Thank you for reading this entry.