Monday, March 23, 2015

Fun at conferences

For this weeks twitter flipchat conversation we were asked to discussion thoughts and memories about either presenting or attending conferences.  Since I started flipping I have had the honor of presenting at 4 conferences and have had a great time at each.  However, in relations to flipping, my most memorable conference experience was at the ISTE conference in San Diego when the keynote speaker said "if the students are bored and not learning, it is you not them."  This struck me as so true and was my main thought in changing my classroom to a flipped classroom.  I have really enjoyed attending each conference I have had the honor to attend, both in my science field and education fields (mainly technology education conferences the last few years).
As a presenter I have really enjoyed talking to people who were in my sessions afterward and getting to hear what they do, things they've tried, and challenges they have.  I really enjoy that conversation.  Also, like in my classroom, I also learn something from the attendees at my presentations because they try things a little differently or look at things differently than I do.  This has been really fun.   I can think of many conversations with attendees who have said they have learned something in my session and will take that back.  I think the best feeling as a presenter is having someone email you weeks after the presentation and ask you questions about the presentation.  This makes someone like me, who has not presented very much, feel great that they are giving worthwhile information.  This last year at ISTE I had the opportunity to do a different type of presentation in a poster presentation.  This was a fast-paced presentation, but I really liked it because I was able to directly connect with more people, answer more questions, and talk about more specific information that in a normal presentation.
The best part of being a presenter at a conference is doing the presentation early and then having the rest of the conference to relax and attend the quality presentations that are at the conference.  If you do not attend professional conferences I would highly recommend them because you learn a lot of great information and you can connect with many people. Also, if you don't communicate with people on Twitter or other social media arenas in your field or areas of interest in education, I encourage this as well.